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September 04, 2008


L. Read

Yahoo reports that Sarah Palin states that the 'Iraq War is our task from God.' Did she REALLY say this?! If she did, this is no different from any other terrorist statement.

Rose Marie Stubbs

In trying to classify Gov. Palin's speech, what comes to mind is a precocious child who has been coached and fed lines by mean-spirited adults. In reciting the rhetoric, the child is spurred on by the erruptions of laughter by the audience who applauds the performance. However, in many cases, the child has no idea what he/she is actually saying or what it actually means, but merely enjoys being the center of attention. Let it suffice to say that this sort of "speech" had no appeal to me either as a former working mother or as a middle class voter; instead I felt it was delivered in a condescending and sarcastic manner that insulted my intelligence and demeaned my personal life experiences.

— WC,Texas, Dallas,TX

I must agree. She is a pit bull with lipstick.

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